Small group training in Rotterdam & Amsterdam

Are you ready to take it outside?!?

BodyBase Outdoor is BACK. Based on the huge success of last summer we are re-opening our outdoor training. No group classes, but small group training in Rotterdam ánd Amsterdam.

5 duo's coached separately

Off course we keep it safe and take all corona-measures into account. A maximum of 5 duo’s can participate and will be coached separately based on our famous training themes like Coregasm, Build your Base, BadAss, The Knockout and Base Flow. Buy your outdoor credits NOW. Get your base on and see you OUT there.

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The workout will be 45 minutes and may vary from full-body, to core dominant, to lower body, to HIIT training, just like you’re used to with our classes inside the studio. You will find the type of class and the time and date in the schedule on our website as usual.

Locations may vary based on the training and weather but will generally be close by our studio in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The meet up point will be displayed in the schedule! In case of changes  you will be notified immediately through mail.

We kindly request you to bring your own fitness/yoga mat and a bottle of water. We’ve got you covered on the rest!

In order to book a class you must first purchase one of the outdoor-packs. You may then use these to book a class on our booking page. Note that, when the lock-down ends, you may spend any remaining credits indoors on all class types!

You are always in your right to cancel and retrieve your credit if done so 12 hours ahead of your class. You can simply do this by canceling the class within your account.

In order for us to be able to give you this form of training there need to be a minimum of 3 spots booked per class. If we don’t have enough sign-ups you will receive a cancelation e-mail 12 hours prior to your class.

If you are a member or if you have remaining credits from before the lockdown and want to use this instead, please contact us here

Note that this is not group training, but rather multiple groups of 2 (up to a max of 10) that will be coached separately by one of our instructors. We will always maintain a minimum of 1.5 M distance in the groups as well as the space between groups. Additionally there will be cleaning supplies present for disinfecting all equipment before and after the workout. Of course it goes without saying that we also ask of you to be mindful of the measurements and do your best to keep it safe for yourself and others, this also means staying home if you are not feeling well!