Rotterdam City Center

The very first location and our flagship store


The Rotterdam City Center Studio is close to our heart. This is where the passion came alive, where it all started, the very first location and our flagship store. The crown jewel which holds the bar high for all other studios.

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WE push you to your best


Base boss
A former national gymnast who after a master’s degree and 12 years as an expat and group instructor abroad, decided to quit her corporate job to follow her dream; inspire people to a healthier lifestyle in a fun way. Oh boy, did she feel the fear when becoming an entrepreneur, but she did it anyway and has never looked back!


Base trainer and studio manager
After spending most of his youth being an overweight couch-potato, Steven decided at age 16 to take matters into own hands and go full "beast-mode”. Beating this lifestyle gave him a relentless hunger to pursue greatness and push others to do the same. Beware, his classes are not for the faint-hearted as he will always push you to the same point, he pushes himself: beyond limits.


Base trainer and model
This former sales manager and energetic PT is not only a strong bodybuilder but also an ambassador of “positive vibes only”. We call him our very own Chocolate Fudge Brownie; hard on the outside but soft on the inside (and of course: very sweet).


Base trainer
You might know him as CJ, Calum or just Base Gym´s very own Duracell Bunny. This kickboxing instructor and snowboarding coach is so full of infectious energy and enthusiasm that you will always give it that little extra in class just to not let him down. Test out a class and see for yourself – you won´t regret it (but maybe your muscles will).


Base trainer
This badass trainer is people-person who loves learning about peoples´ stories and backgrounds. She has the ability to find common ground with anyone, making her students feel comfortable in her presence – and of course, making them kick ass in her class!


Base trainer
Meet our tiny, positive, dancing fireball. Don’t get fooled by her sweet looks (even though she’s sweet too); she’s is a go-getter & tries her best to turn every workout into a little party.