Life is short. Workout Smart

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✅ Get to know this unique, boutique fitness concept in Rotterdam.

Having a busy job, a busy family life or simply no time or motivation to exercise? In this dynamic, fast world, we all need a tool to train smarter. That is why Sabrina, the owner of BodyBase Studios, developed the Baseline. 💫

A high-quality, smart and sexy machine designed in the Netherlands, which shows results in a very short time. 1 machine that trains your entire body with every movement… ‘oh hello tight body’.

Life is short. Workout smart.

BodyBase Sudios has 4 locations, 3 of which in Rotterdam and 1 in Amsterdam, where they offer 4 different workout concepts:
➡️Base Gym (HIIT Reformer on the BaseLine)
➡️Base Flow (Yoga inspired pilates workout on the BaseLine)
➡️Base Box (HIIT Boxing)
➡️Base Yoga (Hot Yoga)

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