Bodybase studios: safe & clean

We feel the responsibility towards our members and Base Team. To create a safe and healthy environment, also we created a protocol completely in line with the current guidelines set up by the government.

We are confident that with the below added measures and a down scaled number of Baselines, we will be the safest and cleanest gym. It is extremely important that all measures are clear to every stakeholder involved, therefor please read our protocol below carefully:
  1. Reserve your class online, no walk-ins at the moment
  2. Disinfect your hands while entering the studio
  3. Follow the staff instructions
  4. Please come in 5 minutes before your class and limit your stay after
  5. Lockers are not available for the time being
  6. If possible try to come in workout gear and change at home
  7. Always bring your own grip-socks for every class or buy them at our studio for eur 7.50. Borrowing is not possible!
  8. Please bring your own towel (can also be purchased at the Base Gym), deodorant and any other amenities you need. Our bathroom amenities are not available for the moment
  9. Toilets can be used, will be cleaned by the studio host every hour, but must also be disinfected by each individual user with cleaning material provided by the Base Gym
  10. Pre-order your protein shake before class
  11. Purchase your own handle grips at the reception for maximum hygiene
  12. BaseLines are on a safe distance. Markings on the floor indicate the 1,5m distance
  13. All BaseLine machines are deep cleaned before & after workouts
  14. Our ventilation system is in line with the government requirements. Fresh air is blown in and the used air is sucked outside, compared with renewing the entire air of the studio 6 times per hour
  15. All touch-points are disinfected while you are taking class
  16. If you feel sick, stay home!