Ride. Pump. Swear. Laugh. Refuel.

An epic blend of cardio and strength on the baseline for every level

The colored lights hit, the beat drops and you lose yourself in the energy of the entertrainer. Our classes are a unique fusion of fitness, entertainment, and a lot of fun. The combination of slow and controlled strength training with high-paced interval training will leave your legs shaking, your body sweating and your soul longing for more!

game changing

Game changing workouts for everyone. And we mean everyone, from couchpatatoes to action-heroes. Here at the Base Gym you find the most unique concept and classes, where you can be and become anyone you want to be.

First timer friendly

First timers we know you’re desperate to kick ass and book your first class, but easy on the trigger. To learn the basics of the BaseLine machine, the Build your Base class is the perfect way to start.

smart workouts

One machine which targets your entire body with every move. A high intensity, low impact workout. Burn calories, build muscles, create killer abs, a bootylicious butt, an escape from the real world, whatever your goal or intention is, we have a class for you.

Class Concepts

Build your Base

The 'Build your Base' classes are the ideal way to discover the BodyBase method and the BaseLine machine. These classes are for everyone. Prepare yourself for a slowed-down 45-minute class with a greater focus on the correct form, technique and purpose.


Get ripped fast in this core based workout. Firm up your mid-section in a way you've never experienced before. The BaseLine machine will make you scream for more. It will improve your core strength, balance and posture. Despite the name, we recommend keeping on your undies!


Badass is the next level workout for your derriere! Be prepared to lift, ride, squeeze, shake and burn your way through this BootyBuilding workout on the BaseLine machine.

Break your barriers

Feel the power and energy to break all your Barriers. A metabolic conditioning, cardio and strength class. We’ll help you move, look and feel better naked. This fast paced, high intensity workout will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, puts your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly makes you burn fat. Walk in, crawl out.

Stretchin' and flexin'

Always wanted to become a human pretzel or a spiritual warrior? This is your chance. This class is a fusion of a painfully delicious slow stretch, a flow of mobility movements and deep flexibility work. The BaseLine makes you ride deep into your posture to make you burn and loosens you up.


With Base Gym Oudoor we go to different locations outside where you'll experience a full body workout Base Gym style. Our entertrainers will pump you up during this Base Bootcamp class with equipment, bodyweight exercises and using obstacles the city has to offer.