The sweet science of reformer pilates infused with the best principles of yoga on our BaseLine machine.

Where design meets welness

Base Flow, an exclusive boutique studio, where design meets wellness. The atmosphere boosts your sense of well-being and you’ll step into an inspiring frame to challenge your body and fuel your mind. We are conscious about preserving the environment, giving personal attention, support and encouraging cultivating connections. As a highlight you can order a detox, collagen or green juice at the Glow Bar. The simplicity, modern elements, gold details, and fresh flowers invite not only for a session on the BaseLine, but you’ll also want to linger, sip a shake and unwind at the Base Flow studio.

"It is our mission to strengthen your body and balance your mind. In today's busy life we want to guide you, to inspire you, to challenge you, to refuel you, and to make you feel part of a community to take you where you want to be"
The ultimate method to support body and mind

Base Flow, a fusion of the sweet science of reformer pilates and the best principles of yoga. With our method we want to provide a great workout with a unique holistic touch. We do this through creative, strong flowing sequences with minimum rest in between and going for more of an “endurance burn”. Difficulty can be adjusted easily with the use of the resistance knobs of the BaseLine.


Focused stretching, deep flexibility work, moving on the breath and mindfulness exercises are the fundamentals. Doing this on the BaseLine means we provides all kinds of stability challenges that develop core strength, deepen our stretches, promote better balance and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances, like back pain. Through these fundamentals we want to strengthen your body, improve your focus, boost your confidence, melt your stress, regain your inner-calm, and provide you with power in your everyday life. A holistic approach to stronger bodies and balanced minds to help you become your best on all levels.

Class Concepts